Saturday, November 19, 2005

Don't quit your day job...

I had a "Major League" moment yesterday. You know, the movie with Charlie Sheen and the Cleveland Indians winning the pennant? Hopefully both of you have seen that movie. It's one of my favorites mainly because of the greatness of Bob Uecker. He plays Harry Doyle, the radio voice of the Indians. He makes me laugh every time I watch that movie. Classic.

Anyway, there is one point in the movie where he is broadcasting and he flips it to his awful "color commentator" for analysis. The exchange goes like this:

Harry Doyle: "Monte, anything to add?"
Monte: "No."
Harry Doyle: "He's not the best colorman in the league for nothing."

So, here's the connection.

Yesterday, ACU's volleyball team played the first round of the Regional Tournament against Central Oklahoma. Now, on occasion (big matches), either David Bacon (longtime voice of Abilene Sports) or Lance Fleming (ACU's Sports Information Director) will broadcast the Volleyball Match on the radio. This was the case yesterday. Except yesterday, yours truly was the color commentator during the broadcast on KYYW.

Now, you see where this is going.

I've never done radio. Obviously. I have no training in broadcasting. I provide color commentary while watching football in my living room, and that constitutes my experience in the field.

Anyway, we do the open of the broadcast and it goes pretty well. Then we get to the game portion. It seems to be going okay until this. Here is the world class broadcasting exchange:

Lance Fleming: "Looks like the ball was tipped on the left side. I didn't see who tipped it, did you, Corey?"
Me: "No."
Lance: "Ok. So, Central Oklahoma will get the point then and will serve."

BRILLIANT! All you could come up with was..."no."???? Give me something...resembling...anything. I could almost hear my friend Garrett laughing at me. It was classic. Awful and embarrassing, but classic.

So, I do not plan to quit my day job anytime soon. By the way, the Wildcats won the match and now play in the NCAA Regional Semifinals. That is awesome. And hey, ACU is 1-0 with me as Color guy. That has to mean something...

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I just added a new link to Craig Fisher's blog. I thought I had added that a long time ago, but alas, I hadn't. I also don't use the word "alas" often, so this was a chance to do that too.

I saw Fish in Chapel at ACU a week ago Friday. It was great to see him. He was here with his old roommates, Stephen Bailey and Brandon Scott Thomas for ACU's Filmfest. It's not often I go to chapel and see people that I was in school with. So it is a welcome surprise when it happens.

Anyway, Fish is one of the greatest guys I know. So, in honor of my new link to Craig Fisher's blog, here are 5 exceptionally random things I semi-remember about going to college with Craig Fisher:

1. Craig drove a 1988 Z24 Red Chevrolet Cavalier. I however think I could be iffy on the year (I wanted to link a picture..but there are none. Wow.)
2. Fish, at one time in his life, could not get enough C&C Music Factory.
3. He would eat Taco Bueno every meal if it were humanly possible.
4. He was the best dancin' white man I knew. He even had the white man's overbite.
5. And if I remember correctly, Craig Fisher is "the exception". Trust me on that.

On a serious note, Craig was one of those guys who had a huge impact in my life without actually knowing it. He was a mentor to me without even trying. He is a great friend. He is above all, a man of God.

Seeing him last week reminded me of all that.

Fish, I pray God's blessings on you, Beth Ann and your boys. Here's to you my friend.

Now, the rest of you go read his blog...

Monday, November 07, 2005


I think my favorite posts are those with no direction at all. No common theme. No witty title. Just hit and miss, soup to nuts kind of topics. So, here goes. A few different things wrapped up in a nice little blog...


The NBA started last week. Here are my picks.

Wait...I don't care. It's football season. Call me in 7 months.


Halloween was fun. Kyle decided that since he couldn't be a perfect Darth Vader (in other words, the Helmet wouldn't cover his entire skull), he would be Harry Potter. So we got the glasses, the robe, a wand and the lightning bolt scar and we was a perfect Harry Potter. Cayce went as Guinevere and the hot pink cast looked great with the rich purple and red robe. We were proud.

There is a neighborhood where it seemed every kid in Abilene was trick or treating. However, this year's candy stash was a little lacking. We now have more suckers and bubble gum than we can shake a stick at. What happened to Reese's? Snickers? Three Musketeers? It's like everyone got together and said "let's get the awful candy pack at Wal-Mart". However, suckers are a lot better than the worst Halloween Candy of all time:


Enough Said.


ACU's Volleyball Team clinched the Lone Star Conference South Division Title last week. They are now ranked 11th in the nation. We host the Lone Star Conference Volleyball Tournament this weekend.

ACU's Football Team defeated two ranked opponents in a row earlier this month. They are going to very tough over the next few years.

ACU's Women's Basketball Team was voted to win the conference. For a team that was picked to finish terribly last season, they made it to the Regional Tournament. They have exceeded expectations over and over and will be fun to watch.

All in all, ACU's athletic program is a lot of fun to be around. We consistently win and have great rivalries with some of the other schools in our conference. You know me and sports, it is a lot of fun to be around winning programs year in and year out.

There is nothing funny about this part of the post...nor any part for that matter.


Who came up with the keyboard smiley faces? You know...


there are lots more. The list goes on and on. Do people really need to see semi-colons and parenthesis to know I am joking? Have we become this dependent on computers?

These things are terrible. Now, we have people making entire pictures from little symbols on the keyboard. Trucks, chickens, people, you name it. People try to be artistic with their keyboards. Are we this bored as a society?


Oh yeah. Small piece of news. Maybe you knew, maybe you didn't. My wife, Jennifer, is pregnant. She is pregnant to the tune of ten weeks worth. We finally told our kids last weekend. They are a little excited. However, after the miscarriage in the spring, they are very careful not to get over-excited. Cayce is actually worried about her mom.

I guess this a good lesson to learn for them. Like it says in James, God is in control. We should begin every plan we make with "Lord Willing". He is the giver of all things. Cayce and Kyle now know this. They now say, if God is willing for us to have a baby, what will we name it? Good lesson early in life.

We are very excited. Guarded, but excited. It is all in God's timing. This baby, Lord Willing, will have a great big brother and sister to play with. What a blessing!


Alright...I'll let both of you go. There will hopefully be a lot more updates with the baby, the conference tournament, the holidays. You know, stuff you desperately care about.