Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oh yeah...I have a blog

Have you ever had good intentions? Something you want to do but can't seem to make time for? You know, like cleaning the storage room or the junk drawer? Or buying socks? Well, I have intended to type a blog for a while now. I know both of you are thrilled I'm back, so let's catch you up.


We get to see a Sonagram and find out what flavor of baby we are having next Thursday. I think it will become quite real at this point (however, my wife would argue it feels pretty real to her!). It's interesting because both of our kids want the opposite of what they are. I think they like the idea of being the only boy/girl in the family. Being an only child, I have no idea what that means.

Adler's concept of birth order (children take on certain characteristics depending on where what order they were born in) is interesting to me. However, I think that, if this linked table is any sort of accurate, God assigns characteristics based on the final order. In other words, my youngest son Kyle, has always had a middle child attitude. Is that because God knew he would end up being a middle child? I don't know, but at least it is interesting to me (but probably not you...)

People keep telling me that an Ipod is the great electronic device on the planet. I may agree with that, but Satellite Radio is a close second. This was really the one thing I got for Christmas and my birthday (spaced 6 days apart thank you), and believe me it surpassed expectations. I chose Sirius over XM and I couldn't be happier. What amazes me is that I can have the same radio station from Denver to Abilene without ever losing signal. No more "Clayton-Raton, New Mexico" static (anyone who has made that drive knows of what I speak). But the programming is really good too. It alerts me when the Mavs or Vols are playing. It lets me know when one of my favorite songs comes on. I could definitely do without Howard Stern...but I just don't turn it there. But if you ever thought about Satellite Radio...go with Sirius. You will never listen to local radio again (or listen to commercials!!).

This message paid for by absolutely no one.


Football season is just about over. Actually, it is. The Patriots got knocked out by the worst team possible. (Denver) Peyton Manning is out. The Cowboys didn't even make the playoffs. So what do we get? A Seahawks-Broncos or Panthers-Steelers (or some combo) Super Bowl. Yawn. In fact...looking back...what an awful season. I just can't bring myself to say the words "Seattle Seahawks - Super Bowl Champions". Yuck.

Oh well, bring on the NCAA Tournament. (Go Gonzaga!!)


I just got done taking my first college class in 13 years. I decided to take a "Behavior Modification" class through the Psychology department. And no, I don't need to modify my behavior. I took a short course to gauge my interest in going after my Masters in Psychology. It was very interesting.

I think I would be a much better student now. From what I understand, older students usually are. The cool thing as that I had real life experience to relate to whatever we were discussing. I wouldn't have cared one bit about it at the end of college. I loved it.

And yes, I am leaning toward getting a Masters. I just wish I could go to the Masters after I finish my masters.


And finally, Joel Quile published the best blonde joke I have ever read. It is absolutely awesome. Check it out here.


Well, you both can count the days until I post again. The over under right now is 60 days. Place your bets.