Monday, March 28, 2005

Grab Bag

Here are some random, non-funny tidbits from Easter Weekend:

Worship at Highland yesterday was amazing. We were blessed to get to man one of the tables with physical symbols of the cross that were set up in the front. It was amazing to feel the weight of the crossbeam and the splinters that most likely tore into Jesus' back. Children's eyes lit up when I told them that he did it just for them. It was such a blessing to me, I hope it was for them.

Val Durrington did it again. Every year he sings "Arise, My Love" at Highland's Easter Service and every year I tear up. Thanks a lot, Val. I still remember riding in Val's truck when I was a junior in High School hearing him sing Kansas' "Carry on, Wayward Son" at the top of his lungs. I knew he was destined for greatness. He is amazingly talented. Thanks, Val, for sharing your gift with us.

Our Easter present to our family: A Dog. We finally got our Blue Lacy. I am really biased, but she is the best dog ever. We were going to get a boy, but I caved and fell in love with her. She is the runt of the litter, but I guarantee she will be smarter than her brothers and sister. I was pleased to find out that being the runt means you will just be a little smaller. She is eight weeks old and hasn't had an accident since Saturday. She is brilliant.

The Arizona-Illinois Regional Final might have been the best basketball game I have ever seen. I never thought anyone could top Duke-Kentucky in '92, but this might have. What a game.

Anyway, that was pretty much Easter Weekend. Did I mention our dog is brilliant?

Thursday, March 24, 2005


They started it. I'm just continuing it.

I have read a few other blogs (stemming from Brock Paulk's Blog) that recount things they have done and things they have never done. I love that idea, so I am shameless ripping it off. So here goes...

50 Things I Have Done

1. I have been married for 10 years
2. I have had children for most of those
3. I have climbed a 14,000 foot peak in Colorado
4. I have been to Hawaii
5. I have poked a stick in flowing lava at Mount Kilauea
6. I have been to Las Vegas and New Orleans
7. I have needed a shower after going to Vegas and New Orleans
8. I have been to Billings, Boise, Portland and Seattle
9. I have caught a shark off a pier in Galveston
10. I have attended the NCAA basketball Tournament's First and Second Round in Tempe, AZ
11. I have been to a College Football Bowl Game
12. I have broken into the old Drake Hotel, the Old Hospital on Highway 80 and Abilene Christian High School to play basketball. (I think the statute of limitations has expired)
13. I have chased people with a chainsaw (no chain, in a haunted house)
14. I have walked the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach
15. I have locked Koy Roberts outside of the house during our Annual Reunion. (He was bitter...)
16. I have met Troy Aikman (twice)
17. I took Tom Landry's drink order
18. I was present for Kenny Rogers' perfect game
19. I have been the announcer for a live sporting event
20. I have met Del Amitri (very underrated band) and subsequently been placed on the guest list for their next show.
21. I have eaten animals for dinner that had been alive that very day (fish in Hawaii and deer fajitas in Junction, Texas)
22. I have caught a touchdown pass in Texas Stadium
23. I have thrown a touchdown pass to my son in our front yard
24. I have watched the Tennessee-Alabama football game from the field at Neyland Stadium
25. I have hung my legs over the edge of Hermit's Peak in Las Vegas, New Mexico
26. I have been in a serious car accident (and protected by the grace of God)
27. I have had dinner with Barry Switzer (some of you would say..."Why?")
28. I have rappeled out of a 3rd floor dorm window
29. I have streaked across ACU's campus
30. I have been to two NASCAR Races. One of them (in Phoenix), we had garage and pit passes. We got to meet and hang out with my wife's distant cousin, Terry Labonte, got to watch the race from the pits and go to church with the drivers. Even if you aren't a was pretty cool.
31. I have seen concerts by AC/DC, Van Halen, Del Amitri, Aerosmith, Rush, Collective Soul, Metallica (twice), and Robert Plant/Jimmy Page for free. On the other hand, I have paid to see KISS, The Dead and Jimmy Buffett. Worth every penny.
32. I have made the game winning shot to beat the #8 team in the state
33. I have won tickets to the All-Star Game Home Run Derby (It was at Coors Field...unbelievable)
34. I have been to 4 Monday Night Football Games
35. I have worked at Cajun Cones
36. I went to Dean Smith's Basketball camp at UNC and Space Camp at the Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama
37. I have stayed in the Honeymoon Suite at the Imperial Palace in Vegas with 4 guys (mirrors on the ceiling...ew)
38. I have hurt my knee skiing
39. I have been to the Bahamas, got really sunburned, played blackjack at age 19, and eaten fresh pineapple on the beach (plus, I bought a suit in the Bahamas too...Tax free!)
40. I have swam with dolphins
41. I have been proud of my kids as they spoke in chapel at their school
42. I have accidently thrown my driver into a tree on the 10th tee at Maxwell Municpal Golf Course
43. I have preached at Highland
44. I have not packed underwear on a work trip and gone commando (poke out your mind's eye)
45. I have won money playing poker. On the other hand, I have lost money playing poker
46. I have seen the Dead at Red Rocks
47. I have met George W. Bush
48. I have played the outfield at the Ballpark in Arlington (Ameriquest Field)
49. I have played golf in the snow with Greg "Cheetah" Wilson
50. I have been blessed with an amazing life, an unbelievable wife and family and more friends than I could ever list.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Getting Back to Normal

It seems like we are getting on with our lives. The roller coaster of the last two weeks has slowed considerably. Jen is back at work. We are getting together with friends. We're even getting a dog. Life is coming back into shape. Here are some highlights.

My wife and I spent all day Saturday playing with our kids while keeping an eye on the NCAA Tournament. We did this to spite my friend Michael Lewis and his post on watching sports on TV. (Just kidding, Michael.) We rooted for the underdog and we yelled at the favorites. We had a great day. We just enjoyed being together. I know many couples who go through something like we went through and their relationship takes a dive for a while. I am happy to report that our experience of losing a baby has made our marriage stronger. Thank you God!

We had some friends from Colorado come in town on Sunday. What an awesome family. They were our mentors while we lived in Denver. How glad we are that we now get to return the favor in the fall when their son, Jarrod, comes to college. He is a great kid. I hope Kyle continues to look up to him while he is here.

Cajun Cones opened last week. All is right with the world. Cajun Cones beats ice cream every day of the week. If you have never had a Cajun Cone, you have to get in your car and go there now. My favorite flavor is Blue Hawaiian and Creamy Colada mixed. I'm also partial to Vanilla Cream and Dr. Pepper. I'm getting the shakes just typing about them.

There are many more examples of our lives getting back to normal, but I will leave you with those. Please say a prayer and thank God for healing my wife. He is taking very good care of us.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Two Words. Roller. Coaster.

"Pull the bar in front of you until it is snug on your lap. Please remove any hats and keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times. Enjoy the ride."

Our lives have been on a roller coaster the past week and a half. A week ago Saturday, my wife and I took a pregnancy test. Actually, two. Why two you ask? Because the first one had a line. Were we freaked out? Maybe a little. Actually...A LOT!

We went throught the "do we tell people or wait?" phase. We went through the "the doctor won't see us until when?" phase. We went through the "what are we going to name him/her? not 'Peter'" phase. We went through the "joyous time with our family and friends (after their shock)" phase. It finally sunk in...our bodies still work. We were going to be parents...again. (You should have seen the look on Cayce and Kyle's faces.)

Just as the roller coaster reached the apex of it's sped down the incline at a rapid rate. The day after we broke the news to our best friends...the phone rings in my office. It is my wife. After hearing the symptoms...we head for the doctor. Three hours and a blood test later, our good friend, Dr. Martin, tells Jen that God just wants us to enjoy our two children for a while. Just that quick, he has taken the new one home. More phone calls. More unknown feelings. More prayers.

My wife is amazing. She is stronger than I could ever be. She is tougher than nails and will bounce back better than ever. Our kids were incredible as they heard the news. All they cared about was if Mommy was going to be okay. They know that God has a plan for our family and this is part of that plan. Our friends and family were unbelievable. They give us support without even trying. And God is...well God. There are no words to describe him. He is powerful and in control. He is caring and knows what is best. He is big and strong and alive. We couldn't do this without him. Thank you God for all that you have blessed us with. Our family, our friends and each other. Please take care of our little baby that was the size of a pinhead. God, you are the best.

"Thank you for riding our newest roller coaster. The ride is now complete. Please exit the car to your left and continue down the ramp to the rest of your life."

Friday, March 11, 2005

A Few Random Thoughts to Start the Weekend

I am not working today...I guess you could call it my Spring Break. So my mind is doing just that. Here are some random tidbits from the corner of my brain.

I heard on NPR this morning that a document surfaced on the internet claiming that the US Government did some nuclear testing in Sudan in the 1960's. After much research by the Sudanese government, they realized that the report contained a typo and that the testing was actually done in Sedan, Nevada. I have two thoughts. My first is, if we had tested nuclear weapons in Sudan in the 60's, wouldn't people in Sudan know about this before now? Aren't a lot of people who were young adults in the 60's still alive? How would they have missed that? Wouldn't there be mushroom clouds and glowing people and land that wouldn't grow anything? My other thought is how many other reports have had typos that we didn't catch. Were we supposed to attack Iran and not Iraq? Were we supposed to pay $150,000,000 instead of $15,000,000 for 800,000 square miles of land in the Louisiana Purchase? Did Ann Richards really get elected governor of Texas in 1990? THAT HAD TO BE AN ERROR!

Saw the new trailer for Star Wars Episode III last night. I am pretty sure I am the only one of my friends who cares...but that's okay...I am excited anyway. It just reaffirms the fact that I am really twelve years old.

Going to Dallas today. I think this is probably the 1,478,492nd time I have made this drive. My friend Kevin Campbell can estimate to the minute when you will arrive just by the landmarks on the road. He is sick.

My son, Kyle, is realllllly ready for baseball. He only asks 107 times a day if we can go throw. I cherish that, because it won't last forever. I just hope he can learn to catch soon.

I haven't worn briefs since seventh grade. Is that too much information?

I have a group of friends that gets together at Lake Whitney every year in April. We just sit and talk for hours. I think that is how God intended it. We have been e-mailing all week and my side hurts from laughing. Thanks guys.

Bagels may be the perfect bread. Add a little cream cheese and you may get a glimpse of heaven.

Is Disney World a rite of passage for 8 year olds? We are thinking of going in May. We have to (I will explain that later) or it will not happen. I think every 8 year old has to go to Disney World or they will not get the full enjoyment out of it. Of course, you already know I am 12, so I will always enjoy it.

Thanks for venturing into my's not's just what is there.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

West Coast Bias

Every year I try to watch the West Coast Conference Tourney final. It is usually entertaining, always high scoring and very fun to watch. Something about this mid-major conference just gets me fired up. I started watching when Loyola Marymount was scoring 150 points a game and kept watching, rooting for Pepperdine or Santa Clara (Steve Nash) or Gonzaga, maybe even the Dons of USF. I don't really have a favorite team, but I root for that whole conference when it comes tourney time.

This year is no different. I hope St. Mary's gets a bid. Their three point shooting is unbelievable and they are fun to watch. I want Gonzaga to make the Final Four, even if it screws up my bracket. There is just something about that team. They have a great inside presence in Ronny Turiaf and a ridiculous playmaker in Adam Morrison. I have been watching this guy all season thinking "we are seeing the reincarnation of Larry Bird". Sure enough, he pours in 25 in the semis against San Diego and 30 in the final vs. St. Mary's. I love this guy. He is as clutch as clutch gets. He can carry them a long way.

Go me crazy. And no, it's not perfect baskeball (a la Duke and UNC) but I invite you to join the WCC Bandwagon. Develop a West Coast Bias. You have to stay up late...but it is worth it. These guys are good.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The Wal-Mart of Circuses

I can finally talk about it.

My daughter, Cayce, had her 8th birthday on February 26th. We are one of those every other year families. We have two children and they get to have a "big" birthday party every other year. (Last year, Cayce had a swimming party at the 'Y' with 20 crazy 2nd graders). On the off year, we do something special as a family and they get to invite one friend.

Well, this was Cayce's "off year". We came up with several options for a family activity, but it just so happened that the circus was in town on her birthday. So that is what she picked. And, man, was she excited. She and Kyle talked and talked and talked about what they would see at the circus. They raved about clowns, lions, tigers, elephants, trapeze acrobats, crazed men being shot out of a cannon and much, much more. So we had a plan. The Pattersons were off to the circus.

At least that is what they called it.

I should have looked to see which circus was in town. I thought they were all just like Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey. I. Was. Wrong. The Pattersons (along with a "lucky" friend of Cayce's) were in store for the 2 p.m. performance of Circus Gatti. Gatti? Like Mr. Gatti's. Oh, if only that were true! It might have actually been fun.

Let me describe Circus Gatti. It is the Wal-Mart of circuses. Even worse it is the K-Mart of circuses. Maybe even the Bealls or Dollar General of Circuses. There are so many analogies. First, there was the ringmaster who had proudly proclaimed this his "29th year of hosting Circus Gatti". He was probably only 42 years old. They stole him from home at age 13. I know these things. His voice rang throughout Taylor County Coliseum selling wares of the circus: Alien Balloons, Light-up toys, $5 Elephant, Pony or Inflatable slide rides, and $5 Face Painting. This man made me sick. The ultimate in cheesy.

Then there were the clowns. Wait...did I type an "s" there? I meant clown. Yep. One Clown. One terrible, not-funny clown. I thought a circus was to have many clowns to actually be called a "circus".

Finally, we have the animal act. No...not animal acts...animal act. Yep, one act with three elephants that have been with the circus for 107 years. They were doing the same tricks with the "I could stomp on this guy and never have to do this again...Nah, maybe tomorrow" look on their faces. The rest of the circus acts contained a combination of the same performers just dressed in different handmade "satin" costumes. All the while recorded music with a live drummer played in the background. I needed a shower.

And, oh, the money they made. 17 bucks a head to get in. $5 to go down an inflatable slide. $15 for a light up toy that will die tomorrow. I told Jennifer that we are in the wrong line of work. Circus Gatti can't be that expensive to run. You have 10 people and some various barn animals to take care of. They must make profit like you wouldn't believe.

But, here is the funny part. MY KIDS LOVED IT! I wish I were a kid again. Simple things make you happy. Three half dead elephants and a single, bad clown make for an afternoon of rousing entertainment. I was so happy for them and we had a great time laughing at the circus performers (not with them). It was a great day. Cayce was on top of the world. Kyle, while slightly creeped out at the clown, has a blast. I can't wait for them to see a real circus.

Maybe it will have clown(s).

Friday, March 04, 2005

That's my name...

This is the second time I have attempted to Blog. Maybe this time it will stick.

Let the jokes begin.

As you can tell from the web address, my name is Corbett. I actually tried to get, but some random guy has it. I wonder if it is this Corey Patterson.
If it is...I'm okay with it. Otherwise, I'm ticked because I had to use my given name, Corbett.

I've had lots of nicknames over the years. I've been called Knick Knack Pattywhack, CPT, Patty, CP and various names from my friends Garrett and Jarod that I won't mention here. And even though I actually like my given name (get this: I was named after a guy who later fired my Dad - nice legacy, huh), it has been a target since fourth grade. Being called "Corbett from Orbit", "Corbert" and "Corny" was always fun.

So call me what you want, I'll keep posting...I think.